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Working on the energetic memory of the walls of factories, offices and shops to reduce and prevent psychosocial risks
Energetic cleaning and harmonization of offices, shops, industries as well as high capacity means of transport such as trains, cruise ships, factory ships,...  

For company directors, traders, professionals and other employers

One month trial period free of charge, without obligation

All the premises you pass through, move around in or live in... both business and private premises, public places, commercial areas have their own personal energy and are also permeated by the energy of the people who have passed through them, as well as by the energy of the events that have taken place there since the buildings first existed.

These energetic memories permeate the walls of these premises and interact with every person who passes through, stays in or works there:

  • Imagine office floors that are occupied throughout the day by stressed workers...

  • Imagine supermarkets with endless files at the checkout where both workers and customers are stressed...

  • Imagine assembly line companies where workers have only a few seconds to perform the same action during a whole service...

  • Imagine cargo ships, factory ships, ocean liners and other means of large-scale transport where workers are subjected to stressful situations in order to satisfy customers...

  • The same goes for luxury shopping areas...

  • Let's imagine trains, at peak times, where all the travellers take with them the stress memories of their work day... 

  • Before the trains, let's imagine the stations where almost everyone is stressed all of the days...

The energetic atmosphere of all these places will be restored intact each day, to each member of staff when they start a new shift, which will have a great influence on their mood, their health, their professional performance, their well-being, their serenity at work, on the management of their stress and on all the psycho-social risks, in general. 

If the energy that stagnates in your company's premises carries negative memories, the various management and psychosocial risk prevention techniques that you put in place may not have good results.

As you regularly have the hygiene of your company's premises maintained, we propose to clean and harmonise the energies that permeate all the premises of your company, whether they are commercial, technical or industrial, whether they are enclosed and covered or not, in order to optimise the atmosphere, improve the performance of your staff and improve your turnover, as this will also have positive repercussions on your customers and visitors. 

We can also work on large capacity means of transport such as trains, cruise ships, factory ships, cargo ships, long distance planes, etc...

How do we proceed ?

We apply monthly subscription formulas that can be revoked without notice from you, but each subscription started will be carried to its end.

As the services we offer on this page are very unusual and can be very confusing for many people. We believe that we are the first in the world to offer business owners the opportunity to work internationally on location memories over very large areas. 


That's why we offer a free trial month to any interested company. If you are satisfied with the results of this free trial, we will gladly receive your payment and our collaboration can begin.

Below you will find a list of the services we offer, as well as the rates that apply to square metres. For yards, you have to subtract 20% from the price (multiply by 0,8).  

But we work on demand, according to the specific needs of each client. If you have specific requests, let us know and we will tell you if we can meet them. 

Anything can be requested, as long as it is for positive purposes and respects the integrity of each human being.

It should be noted that the energy services offered here are those of the Reiki Verseau quantum technique.

If you are familiar with energy work, you can practice the free one month trial yourself, but after this period it will no longer work.

List of our services

Monthly rate including VAT expressed on a square metre basis. Multiply by 0.8 to get the yardage rate.

Mètres Carrés = Square metre.

Forfait = Fixed price.

Enclosed and covered premises

prices of energy cleaning services for closed and covered offices and workshops

Places and premises not covered

Basic fee of 300 € plus 50% of the rate for enclosed and covered areas.

Cleaning and lighting of specific parts of commercial areas during opening hours

  • Shop entrances;

  • Supermarket checkouts and files;

  • All or part of underperforming branches or commercial departments;


This service is in addition to an overall work on premises. For example: clearance work in a commercial area with lighting of specific parts of the commercial area during operating hours.


50 € per part of a 100 square metre commercial area whose energy will be optimised during opening hours.

Energy support for your staff every day for a month

  • 50 € per person (instead of 100 € for an individual subscription).

  • 45 € per person from 20 people.

  • 40 € per person from 50 people.

  • 33 € per person from 100 people.

  • For more people, price on request.

Large capacity passenger transport means such as cargo ships, cruise ships and trains

Same monthly rate as for enclosed and covered areas.

What will be the effects of the cleaning of commercial and professional premises

Within 3 days of the start of the service, the first effects of the energetic cleaning of the premises will start to be felt: the atmosphere will be lighter, more breathable. People will be less irritated and more pleasant to be around, and the performance of your staff will improve.

How to proceed if you want to test our services 

We will start by establishing an estimate for the services to be carried out within your company. To establish this estimate, you will need to provide us with the total area on which you want us to work :

  • If you have several operating locations, calculate the overall area on which you want us to work.

  • For multi-storey buildings, the area of each floor must be taken into account.


After your signature for agreement and, according to what will have been determined in the estimate, we will carry out a free trial of service delivery for a period of one month.

Then, if the result of the service suits you, the quote will be transformed into a contract that we will send you for signature, then we will provide you with our bank details and, upon receipt of your payment, our collaboration will begin.
After each payment, an invoice will be sent to you by email (the first will be sent to you two weeks after receipt of your payment.
Subscription to the service will be automatically renewed each month but, if you wish, you can terminate it at any time, without giving reasons or giving notice.

Each subscription started will be terminated and will not be refunded.
Our rates are monthly, payable before the service otherwise it will not be realized.
If this proposal interests you and you would like a quote,
you can contact us by clicking on this link.


We have been practicing this technique of cleaning commercial and professional premises remotely for several years successfully, but we have not yet thought of specifically asking for testimonials to attest to the effectiveness of this practice.


Nevertheless, on this page, you will find testimonials relating to the other services offered on this site and you can write your opinion there whenever you wish.

If, before subscribing to a prestation, you wish to test our cleaning and harmonization services for commercial premises, offices and others, we will gladly carry out such an experiment in order to show you that it works well.

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