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Karmic balance and quantum energy
(only in French)

The door to your inner harmonization

Introduction to Karmic Balance and Quantum Energetics

We invite you to take part in a unique karmic and quantum energy assessment session, designed to initiate deep healing and realign your energies with universal principles.


During a two-hour videoconference, we accompany you on an introspective journey, in synergy with your spiritual guides and our own, to remove the karmic hindrances and blockages that limit your full development on your life path. This process promotes the awakening of your consciousness and the harmonization of your chakras.




A journey of quantum regeneration

This assessment is a plunge into the quantum dimensions of your being, where we work to restore the balance of your vital energy and strengthen your trust in the universe and in yourself.


We identify the vibratory and karmic disturbances undermining your auric field, causing fatigue and imbalance, to bring lasting, integral harmony to your daily life. Meditation and energy healing are at the heart of this healing process.



Release from karmic burdens

We probe the depths of your karma, right down to its origin, targeting negative emotions and recurring patterns from past lives or karmic debts, in order to transmute them and free you from their weight.


This process encourages emotional liberation and complete healing that will affect all aspects of your being, from the physical body to the mental and astral planes.




Receive the keys to a luminous personal and spiritual path

At the end of this enlightening session, you'll leave with tailor-made tools to help you progress on your personal and spiritual evolution path. Messages of wisdom from your guides (the Divine) and your past incarnations (the Earth) will enrich your life path.


You'll be connected in two directions (Heaven and Earth), and if you wish, a second session will connect you in six directions for an expansion of your cosmic consciousness. Read more below. 




A holistic practice

Working on the wholeness of your being, we'll address your questions and explore diverse topics such as chakras, aura, karma, reincarnation and other quantum dimensions.


Twenty-one days of long-distance energy services are included after the session, to support your vibratory transformation.




For deep karmic and energetic healing

While a single session can be the starting point for significant transformation, some cases may require more sustained attention. We are committed to guiding you on your path of inner and karmic healing, helping you let go of your fears and cultivate compassion and serenity.




This work can be completed with a second session

In a second session, we can complete the work by activating and harmonizing all your outer chakras in six directions, to rid them of any karmic burdens they may be carrying.


The awakening of the kundalini and the opening up of the Akashic archives are among the transformative experiences you can enjoy.


If you wish, during this session we can also offer you guided meditations to connect with the essence of your soul, to understand and integrate the teachings of your past and future incarnations, or to reconnect with loved ones who have returned to heaven. These meditations offer new insights into your life mission and karmic heritage.




Please note:

Our karmic and quantum energy assessment sessions are an integral part of our program of spiritual services and development, available on this site, and of the spiritual teachings by webcam that we offer in our catalog of spiritual and energy training courses.

For further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

On this page, you can read testimonials about our services.

Deuxième Séance

Rates and terms

A session costs €100, payable using the Paypal button below.


This fee includes :

One or more preliminary exchanges by e-mail or telephone to determine your expectations and the work we will do together.

A two-hour webcam session.

21 days of energetic support.

One or two contacts after the session to take stock of the things that have changed in you.  













Upon receipt of your payment


Once I've received your payment, I'll send you an e-mail and we'll set up an appointment. Then I'll send you an invitation to connect on Messenger or Telegram for the session, and if you wish, we can discuss your motivations beforehand. 

100 € per session

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