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Spiritual Development Coaching Sessions

(only in French)

Energetic and karmic cleansing and harmonization to help you develop your energetic and intuitive capacities 

More and more of you are feeling that you have gifts, abilities or powers, ... that are awakening within you, but you don't know how to practice to develop and harness them.


Sometimes you even feel stuck on your path of spiritual development and don't know how to get out of it.


Before developing your gifts and wanting to help others, you need to start by putting your body and emotions in order, by clearing up the consequences of the traumas you or your soul has experienced and which are still blocking you. We need to do some “spring cleaning” to get rid of everything that's no longer necessary for our life path and that of our soul.


I believe in reincarnation and in the fact that our current life path is only a tiny part of our soul's journey; that karmic memories are hanging on our ankles to prevent us from moving forward.


I do backward clairvoyance, into the past.


I go back to previous incarnations and, during verbal sessions by webcam or face-to-face, I can put you in touch with your soul's origin, activate your past lives (and sometimes your future incarnations too) and bring up the negative karmic links that are blocking you and no longer necessary for the proper development of your life path, as well as the positive karmic links that may be useful to you in your current incarnation.



This work is carried out via webcam (in French only).


During the session, which generally lasts from 01:30 to 02:00, I talk to your body and feel what's going on. This enables me to clear various energy blockages that stem from negative karmic memories, and to re-establish harmonious energy circulation where the blockage was.


If you have scars on your body, during the session they will be demagnetized, energy leaks will be closed and harmonious energy circulation will be re-established.


Sometimes I feel that parts of your body have become disconnected (arms, parts of legs, severed head, etc.), so I nullify the karmic link and “knit” everything back together so that you feel better about yourself.


A first session will connect you to the Earth and the universal matrix, and activate all your vertical chakras. Especially those outside your body.




This work can be completed with a second session.


If you'd like to do a second session, I'll activate your outer left and right chakras, then the Yin Yang chakras (front and back); I'll link them together and then clear the discordant energy stored there, replacing it with virgin energy.


At the end of this second session, depending on your wishes, I can take you to meet your initial Self (the origin of your soul) and all the people you have been in your previous incarnations as well as all those you will be in your future incarnations, or I can put you in touch with a deceased loved one with whom you would still like to dialogue...


These two guided meditations last about 7 minutes, but it's important to remember that, in quantum time, 1 Earth minute is equivalent to 40 days. So 7 minutes equals 9 months, like a new birth.




I will accompany you for 21 days after each work session.


Each work session is followed by 21 days of long-distance energetic support. We could say “energy treatments”, but the ones I give you won't heal anything, they'll just cushion the energetic changes initiated in your body by the work done during the session.


This energy will come to you while you're sleeping, and you probably won't feel it.





If you are a woman and have had abortions or miscarriages, I can also deliver the energetic memories of lost children, but if you have more than two, two sessions will be necessary.

Read testimonials on this subject.


Please note that I also offer these spiritual development coaching sessions as part of my energetic training courses, a catalog of which can be found on my blog.



A session costs €100, payable using the Paypal button below.


This fee includes :

One or more preliminary exchanges by e-mail or telephone to determine your expectations and the work we will do together.

A webcam session on Zoom.

21 days of energetic support.

One or two contacts after the session to take stock of the things that have changed in you.  













Upon receipt of your payment


Once I've received your payment, I'll send you an e-mail and we'll set up an appointment. I'll then send you an invitation to log on to Zoom for the session, and if you wish, we can discuss your motivations beforehand. 

100 € per session

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