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Do you aspire to a fulfilling spiritual life but feel held back
by invisible blockages?

Les Énergies de Vie offers you an in-depth energetic and karmic assessment to optimize your journey of emotional and spiritual transformation.


Thanks to our videoconferencing services, identify and free yourself from the obstacles preventing you from positively and serenely progressing along the path to your inner harmony.

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A personalized energy method to optimize your well-being 

Every individual is unique, and so are the obstacles to their well-being.


Our energy and karmic assessment sessions are designed to pinpoint the memories and root causes of your problems. We work with you to remove these blockages, enabling you to rediscover the joy and serenity of everyday life.




State-of-the-art quantum energy tools 

Using the latest advances in quantum energy services, our Aquarius Reiki sessions work at the very core of your being, promoting beneficial cellular reprogramming.


Our unique approach dissolves unhappiness at its source, offering you a path to a better quality of life.




Ongoing support on your spiritual path 

Our commitment doesn't end with a single session. Les Énergies de Vie provides you with follow-up support and advice to help you maintain the balance you have achieved and continue to progress on your path of spiritual development.


We are at your side to help you navigate through life's challenges with new strength and clarity.


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