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Positively Transform
Your Company Premises

Positively transform your company premises through energetic cleaning and harmonization.

Welcome to our dedicated page for the energetic cleaning of professional spaces, a unique approach to transform your workplace and enhance productivity while improving the well-being of your employees. 

Energetic imprints that linger within workspaces can lead to stress, a negative atmosphere among colleagues, and consequently give rise to psychosocial issues, resulting in absenteeism and decreased staff performance.


Discover how the service we offer here can help eliminate these negative energetic imprints and positively impact your employees and clients, ultimately leading to a significant increase in your revenue.

Who Are We ?


This site is managed by René Dumonceau, who holds a degree in traditional Chinese Feng Shui and is trained in various energetic healing techniques, including Usui Reiki and Shamballa.


Since 2006, he has had the privilege of channeling the energies of "Reiki Verseau" (Aquarian Reiki), enabling an quantum application   to energetic action : "The Doubling Theory" discovered in 1988 by quantum physicists Philippe Bobbola and Jean-Pierre Garnier-Malet.  More information can be found on this site (design to be updated).





René Dumonceau primarily works remotely, and his services have yielded positive results for both individuals and spaces. Testimonials can be found on this page.


A few years ago, René Dumonceau discovered his ability to remotely interact with large spaces, whether enclosed or open.


Now he's decided to add this energy service to his site.


He is the very first energetic therapist to offer this type of service to business leaders. He hopes that soon, his site will be filled with success stories from his (future) clients.


You can find René Dumonceau's biography on this page.


The infinitely large meets the infinitely small, everything becomes understandable with: The past, the present, the future… It was Time!

Energetic Imprints and Their Impact on Spaces and Individuals


Professional spaces are defined not only by their walls and furniture but also by the energies they contain. Energetic imprints, resulting from emotions, interactions, and past events, are etched into every corner. Whether they are moments of joy and success or tensions and failures, these subtle energies create an invisible yet powerful landscape.


The impact of these energies is profound. Negative emotions from the past can disrupt the energetic harmony of a workspace, leaving a subtle yet perceptible imprint on the well-being of employees. The resulting stress and discomfort are reflected in their interactions with clients, influencing their satisfaction and, consequently, the image of your company.

However, there is a way to transform this dynamic. By regularly cleaning and harmonizing the energy of your professional space, you can rebalance the atmosphere. This approach goes beyond aesthetics; it creates a positive experience for your employees and clients. Balanced energy promotes productivity, creativity, and positive relationships, thereby enhancing your company's reputation.

Let's take the example of places frequented by many people, such as stores, hotels, malls, and healing centers. Every interaction, every emotion left within the walls accumulates over time. The energies of previous occupants, whether positive or negative, leave their mark. Invisible vibrations influence the atmosphere and can play a role in the overall success of the business.

For practitioners and healing professionals, sensitivity to energies is even more acute. Healing and mourning establishments gather intense emotions, creating energies that can linger. These energies can affect the well-being of those who work there, as well as visitors, influencing the quality of care and support offered.

It is crucial to recognize that the environment is not limited to what we see. Subtle influences may be at play, unexpectedly affecting your success. External elements such as telluric networks and underground water flows can also impact energetic harmony, affecting the vitality of your business itself.

In conclusion, the energetic harmonization of workspaces goes beyond appearances. It acknowledges the impact of past and present energies and takes initiative to create a balanced environment. By taking steps to clean, balance, and nourish the energy of your professional space, you invest in the well-being of your employees, customer satisfaction, and the overall success of your company.

How Can Energetic Cleaning and Harmonization Benefit Your Business?


Energetic cleaning offers numerous advantages for your business, particularly in terms of productivity, employee well-being, and revenue.

1. Increased Productivity


By clearing negative energetic imprints, energetic cleaning of your premises allows your employees to feel more relaxed and focused. This results in greater productivity and engagement in their tasks, leading to an overall improvement in your company's efficiency.



2. Employee Well-being

An energetically balanced workplace promotes the mental and emotional well-being of your employees. By reducing stress and tension, energetic cleaning contributes to improved job satisfaction and a stronger commitment to the company.

3. Impact on Clients

Harmonizing the energy in your company directly affects your clients. Happy and relaxed employees are more likely to provide quality customer service, enhancing customer satisfaction and fostering customer loyalty.

4. Increased Revenue

By improving the customer experience and boosting employee productivity, energetic cleaning can contribute to increased revenue. Satisfied customers are more likely to recommend your business to others, generating new business opportunities.

What Will Be the Effects of Energetic Cleaning in Your Professional Premises?


The Benefits of Energetic Cleaning and Harmonization in Business Include:


  • Removal of past emotional residues.

  • Creation of a light and positive environment.

  • Strengthening of team cohesion and collaboration.

  • Enhancement of employee well-being.

  • Reduction of stress and internal conflicts.

  • Boosting productivity and creativity.

  • Promotion of mental clarity for informed decisions.

  • Strengthening of trust and the company's image with clients and partners.


By investing in energetic cleaning and harmonization, a company establishes a solid foundation for growth and success while enhancing the mental and emotional health of its employees.


In practice, within three days of the start of the service, the initial effects of energetic cleaning will begin to be felt.


The atmosphere will become lighter, more breathable. People will be less irritated and more pleasant to be around, your staff's performance will improve, and more.


Energetic imprints present in your workplace can have a significant impact on productivity, employee well-being, and customer experience. Energetic cleaning is a unique and powerful approach to transform your company into a harmonious and thriving space. By eliminating negative energies and promoting a balanced environment, you empower your employees to flourish, provide better customer service, and contribute to increased revenue.


Don't wait any longer to discover the benefits of energetic cleaning. Take advantage of our special offer and try this method for free for a month.


Together, let's transform your workplace to achieve new heights of success!

Scientific Studies on the Efficacy of Reiki in Cleansing and Purifying Places and Premises

Apparently, there is no scientific study or official testimony that has been conducted to date to attest to the potential effectiveness of Reiki energy or other methods in cleansing and purifying the energetic imprints of places and premises.

All the testimonials we have found are on the websites of energy practitioners, but none of these testimonials mention work that has been carried out on very large surfaces, such as the one we propose to test on this page.

Take Advantage of Our Special Offer: Try Energetic Cleaning for Free for a Month


We're aware that energetic cleaning of large commercial spaces is a new and little-known approach. It's also one that can generate skepticism about its reality and feasibility.

That's why we propose that you be among the first to use this method, and why we offer you a free one-month trial of our service.

During this free trial period, we'll cleanse and harmonize the energy of your company's premises by providing us with addresses and square footage.

You'll be able to see for yourself the benefits of this practice on your employees' productivity and well-being, as well as your customers' experience and sales.

Contact us for more information.



List and prices of our Energy Cleaning services for business premises

It's hard to set a fair price for a service, especially when you're the first to offer it. That's why we've come up with a realistic and fair price. Our services will be provided on a monthly subscription basis, which you can terminate at any time without notice, but each month started and paid for will be charged in full.  

Our monthly rates do not include VAT, as we are not subject to it.

Enclosed and Covered Areas

All-inclusive monthly price per square yard.
For multi-storey buildings, the surface area of each floor must be counted.

price per square yard for the service

Uncovered and/or unenclosed premises

50% of the rate for enclosed and covered rate.

Cleaning and highlighting of certainparts of commercial areas during opening hours


  • Shop entrances;

  • Supermarket checkouts and entry/exit points;

  • All or part of underperforming stores or sales departments.

This service is in addition to the general work on the premises. For example: work to clear a commercial area, with lighting of certain parts of the commercial area during opening hours.

49,50 $US (45 €) per part of a 100 square yards commercial area whose energy will be optimized during opening hours.



Large-capacity passenger transportation vehicles such as cargo ships, cruise ships and trains

Monthly rates identical to those for enclosed and covered areas.

One-time services for events and demonstrations

Please contact us for a quote.

Daily energetic support for your staff every day for one month (remote transmission of Reiki Verseau quantum healings at a distance) :

50 € per person (instead of 100 € for an individual subscription).

  • 49,50 $US (45 €) per person for groups of 20 people or more.

  • 44,00 $US (40 €) per person for 50 people or more.

  • 36,30 $US (33 €) per person for 100 people or more.

  • For more people, prices on request.



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