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Effectively relieve headaches with the quantum energy of Aquarius Reiki

Headaches can have a significant impact on our quality of life. 

On this site, we offer you quantum energy treatments transmitted at a distance that will help you effectively relieve your headaches and other headaches.

buste d'un homme qui a mal à la tête

What are the different types of headache?

There are several types of headache, each with its own characteristics:


Tension headache
Tension headache is the most common type of headache. It manifests itself as a dull, constant pain, often described as a feeling of tightness around the head. There can be many causes, such as stress, fatigue or poor posture.



Frontal headache
As its name suggests, frontal headache is concentrated in the forehead area. It can be linked to sinus problems, inflammation or muscle tension in this area.



Occipital headache
Occipital headache occurs at the back of the head, in the occipital region. It can be caused by muscular tension, poor posture or cervical problems.



Pulsatile headache
Pulsatile headache is characterized by a throbbing, rhythmic pain, often on only one side of the head. It may be associated with migraine, and can be triggered by factors such as stress, hormonal changes or certain foods.



Horton's headache
Horton's headache is a rare but very intense form of headache. It manifests as severe pain around one eye, often accompanied by redness, watery eyes and a feeling of nasal congestion. Attacks can last from a few minutes to several hours.



Cervicogenic headache
Cervicogenic headache is caused by problems in the neck, such as muscle tension, poor posture or cervical injury. Pain can spread from the base of the skull to the forehead, temples or eyes.





What causes headaches?

Headaches can have many causes, but they often stem from emotional or physical trauma. These traumas can create energetic blockages which manifest as pain and tension, such as headaches. 


Headaches can also result from medical procedures. They are common in the week following head trauma and after lumbar punctures. 


When you have headaches, we advise you to consult a traditional doctor, but if the treatment he or she prescribes has little or no effect, then we suggest you turn to alternative therapies.


On this site, we offer to send you quantum energy at a distance, i.e. to provide energy treatments at a distance for a certain period of time, because you have to accept that ailments that have come on slowly will take some time to disappear.

Aquarius Reiki quantum energy for headache relief

Aquarius Reiki is an energy healing technique that can be practiced remotely.


This holistic approach aims to rebalance the body's energies and release blockages that may be at the root of headaches.


During a Reiki Aquarius session, the practitioner works on the origin of the trauma that causes headaches and other headaches.


By “cutting the wires” linking this trauma to the person's present, the intensity and frequency of headaches can be gradually reduced.

Understanding how Aquarius Reiki works


Aquarius Reiki uses quantum splitting theory to identify the traumas at the root of your headaches and sever the link between them and your present. This work allows you to optimize your future potential by freeing yourself from the consequences of these traumas.Aquarius Reiki energy works over periods of 40 days, divided into 12 cycles of just over 3 days each. Each cycle allows you to work on your past, resulting in an evolution of your emotions every 3 days.


Unlike other energy healing techniques, Aquarius Reiki offers a dual action: it eliminates the negative while bringing in new energy. Its personalized aspect enables you to target the issues that are important to you and that affect your daily life.

You can find out more about Aquarius Reiki on this page.

Our Reiki Aquarius energy treatment services

We offer two types of Reiki Aquarius treatments transmitted remotely to relieve your headaches and other headaches:


Receive 2 Aquarius Reiki sessions per week: gentle work to help you manage the stress and emotions that may be causing your headaches.

Receive 1 Aquarius Reiki session every night for intensive daily work.


Please note that if you take out a monthly subscription, you'll have a two-week free, no-obligation trial to see for yourself how effective the energy you receive is.


As an added bonus: after three months' paid subscription, if you wish, we'll explain to you how to direct the energy's work towards what's bothering you most in your daily life.


It's also worth noting that the energy work carried out on you will focus on all your problems, not just your direct feelings of headaches. It's possible that during the first few days, your aches and pains will be accentuated, only to diminish later on.

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